What started out, just over 15 years ago, as one person's way of getting kids into off-season training has grown into one of the premier baseball and softball schools in the northeast.

We are recognized for our staff of dedicated baseball minds who work and relate well with kids of all ages and abilities. Players now have an opportunity to train year round in order to improve their baseball and softball skills. Since it has opened in January 2001, the Baseball Warehouse has trained thousands of players which has led to an expansion of our facility. The Baseball Warehouse is a 5,200 square-foot training facility. Featuring 3 50-foot hitting tunnels and 3 regulation pitching mounds. It is a full astro-turf facility with the top training tools and equipment for development of baseball and softball skills.

The Warehoue specializes in every type of baseball and softball instruction you can imagine. From hitting and pitching to fielding and catching we have a staff that is extremely profecient in teaching players for all facets of the game. There are many different venues of lessons for each individual. Whether it is an individual leasson, buddy lesson, or clinic each player will most definitly learn from our instructors. Our staff is extremely flexible and experienced. Noted around New Jersey each of our instructors has a reputation second to none.

Baseball Warehouse Philosophy:
"Practice the Right Way, Play the Right Way"
Inspired by the quote of Rutgers University
Head Coach Fred Hill, one of the greatest
sources of baseball knowlede in NJ.
"Perfect Practice Makes Perfect"

Great Instruction from legitimate coaches, honest opinions and no gimmicks!

Baseball Warehouse
405A Cleveland Ave., Highland Park, NJ 08904 • 732-249-8884