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Great Instruction • Legitimate Coaches • Honest Opinions 


30-Minute or 50-Minute Sessions.
Packages of (10) are available.
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Off-Season Training (Nov.-Feb.)
In-Season Lifting Sessions (Mar.-Oct.)
Private Training Sessions All Year
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Cage Rentals

50-Minute Single Training Sessions.
Packages of (10) are available.
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Summer Skills Camp

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Spring, Summer & Fall Teams

Teams ranging from 7th to 12th Grade
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Mission Statement

To build a strong foundation in life and baseball by giving our players the knowledge to succeed in all aspects of life thru hard work and discipline. We are committed to delivering the highest quality programs with a experienced, well rounded staff for players of all ages and ability in a positive environment in order for them to reach their full potential as players, student athletes and citizens.
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Baseball Warehouse Philosophy:

"Practice the Right Way, Play the Right Way"
Inspired by the quote of retired Rutgers University
former Head Coach Fred Hill, one of the greatest
sources of baseball knowlede in NJ.
"Perfect Practice Makes Perfect"

About Us​​​​​ ​​

What started out, just over 16 years ago, as one person's way of getting kids into off-season training has grown into one of the premier baseball and softball schools in the northeast.

Established in 2001

We are recognized for our staff of dedicated baseball minds who work and relate well with kids of all ages and abilities. Players now have an opportunity to train year round in order to improve their baseball and softball skills. Since it has opened in January 2001, the Baseball Warehouse has trained thousands of players which has led to an expansion of our facility. The Baseball Warehouse is a 5,200 square-foot training facility. Featuring 3 50-foot hitting tunnels, 3 regulation pitching mounds & a full workout facility. It is a full astro-turf facility with the top training tools and equipment for development of baseball and softball skills.

Baseball Warehouse Staff

Mike Garlatti
Owner and Chief Operator 

Joe Augustine
Director of Player Development

Bobby Bennetti
Instructor & Travel Team Coach

Alejandro Diaz
Instructor & Travel Team Coach

Marylynn Muldowney
Softball Instructor

Stephen Fortuna
Instructor & Travel Team Coach

Tyler Jackow
Instructor & Travel Team Coach

Mark Blevins

Vinny Zanfordino

Professional Alumni

Eric Young Jr.-Colorado Rockies *
Kevin Mulvey-New York Mets
Joe Augustine-Kansas City Royals
James Ziemba-Los Angeles Angels *
Brandon Bielak-Houston Astros *
Nick Dini-Kansas City Royals *
Brandon Downes-Kansas City Royals *
Carl Thomore-Colorado Rockies
Mike Russo-Philadelphia Phillies
Mike Nemeth-Milwaukee Brewers
JC Menna-Oakland A's
​Ryan Harvey-Texas Rangers
Frankie Meade-Cincinnati Reds
Santo Maertz-St. Louis Cardinals
Mark McCoy-Kansas City Royals
Dave Laufer-Tampa Bay Rays
John Gianis-Los Angeles Angels
Vin DiFazio-Texas Rangers
Rob Chamra-Los Angeles Dodgers
TJ Baxter-Baltimore Orioles
Mike Augliera-Boston Red Sox
Chris Affinito-Oakland A's
Placido Torres-New York Mets
Mike Santoro-Atlantic City Surf

Reached the Major Leagues​​​
* Indicates active Players
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Phone:​ (732) 249-8884
405A Cleveland Ave.,
Highland Park, NJ 08904