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Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning: In/Off Season Training

The role of a strength and conditioning is to use exercise prescription specifically to improve performance in athletic competition. Players can train one on one, with a buddy, sibling or teammate for a thorough 90-minute training session. Our Advanced Training Programs will teach athletes how to prepare for the mental and physical indurance of their sport.

Prepay to secure a regular time with one of our instructors. Each training session covers 90 minutes of strength and conditioning as well as 2 physical therapist evaluations, pre and post program and yoga.

 High School Off-Season Program (Nov. – Feb.)
3 Days/Week: 90 minutes = $1,100 ($275.00/Month)
5 Days/Week: 90 minutes =
$1,400 ($350.00/Month)

​​In-Season Lifting (March–Oct.)
2 Workouts a Week:  60 minutes = $80 month

​​Private Training Sessions
1 on 1 Session:  60 minutes = $45/pp
2 on 1 Session:  60 minutes =
3 on 1 Session:  60 minutes = $35/pp